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Little Jubba Central Maine Agrarian Commons – Property Manager

Organization Description

Our mission is to provide vital transitional services, advocacy, and food production that empowers members of the refugee community to uphold cultural identity and economic well- being to thrive in their new life here in Maine.

The main programmatic undertaking of the SBCA is the community farming program, Liberation Farms. The program assists over 200 Somali Bantu farmers by providing access to land, seeds, training, technical assistance, and marketing. As of September 30, 2020, we will be transitioning all of the farm programmings to the 104 acre Wales property known as Little Jubba Central Maine Agrarian Commons. In conjunction with Agrarian Trust, we will steward the land through the security of a 99-year equitable rolling lease on the property.

Job Description

We are seeking a Property Manager for the newly acquired Little Jubba Central Maine Agrarian Commons. This position will be responsible for general maintenance of the land, equipment, and permanent and semi-permanent building structures. The Property Manager will support the overall success of the Commons by ensuring positive relationships with farmers in the program, neighbors, and stakeholders utilizing the land. An ideal candidate will have a positive, self-starting attitude, experience with landscaping, equipment, and building maintenance, and excellent communication skills. This position is guaranteed for a year with the opportunity for extension pending employee review and available funding.

Supervision Received: Executive Director
Partners with: Farm Operations Manager


Flexible and will be determined based on the individual we hire. There is an anticipated January 4th start date.

Duties & Responsibilities

Disclaimer: This position description is not intended, and should not be construed to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills, efforts, or working conditions associated with this job. It is intended, however, to be an accurate reflection of the general responsibilities and requirements necessary to be successful. SBCA may, at its discretion, modify or revise the position description in order to meet the organization’s changing needs.

Land & Farm Maintenance (30%)

● Lawn care and mowing
● Snow removal
● Trash collection and removal
● Road maintenance
● Construct and maintain fencing around crop areas
● Monitor and adjust irrigation systems to distribute water according to crop needs and to avoid wasting water.
● Goat chores in coordination with Executive Director, Farm Operations Manager, and Market and Farm Coordinator. These include scheduling daily tasks as well as coordinating for pasture rotation, stall/barn mucking, and removing manure to two compost piles
● Monitor pasture or grazing land use to ensure that livestock are properly fed or that conservation methods, such as rotational grazing, are used
● Direct livestock or crop waste recycling operations 

Equipment Use & Maintenance (30%)

● Use of heavy equipment for cropland maintenance, compost maintenance, soil deliveries, and other needs
● Basic maintenance of tractors, implements, and small machinery (generators, lawn mowers, weed whips, etc.)
● Identification and purchase of needed equipment and machinery as operation grows
● Basic repairs of tractors and equipment as needed. 

Coordinating with Land Stakeholders (15%)

● Coordinating with outside hay producers to schedule cuttings and work with farmers to clear haying areas of equipment, vehicles, etc.
● Work with farmers to designate and maintain community spaces and plots
● Work with staff and community to establish systems for trash, recycling, and composting to maintain the health and safety of the farm and build resources for soil fertility
● Collaborate with staff to research and oversee opportunities for solar energy, agroforestry, and other creative uses of the land including community gatherings and cultural events 

Building Maintenance (25%)

● Inspect permanent farm structures, such as buildings, fences, or roads, ordering repair or maintenance activities, as needed.
● Assistance in semipermanent structure placement and construction (regular maintenance will be performed by Farm Operations Manager, Farm Manager, and Markets/Farm Coordinator
● Supervise the construction of farm or ranch structures, such as buildings, fences, drainage systems, wells, or roads.
● Coordination with contractors and partners (for example NRCS) to maintain land and structures
● Work with Office Manager to schedule organizational and community events on the farm 


● Ability to lift 50 pounds
● Ability to work in all types of weather including rain and snow
● Experience operating heavy machinery
● Ability to fix and maintain various engines and motors preferred
● Able to schedule and coordinate maintenance needs with needs of farmers, programs, and partners to keep the space running safely and smoothly
● Experience with snow removal
● Experience with lawn maintenance and landscaping
● English and computer literacy desired (ability to send emails and use GPS for directions)
● Strong oral and intercultural communication skills
● Reliable transportation, cell phone, and valid driver’s license. Employees are expected to use their own vehicle and personal cell phone for work
● Positive, self-starting attitude, ability to work independently and act as a reliable member of staff team
● Experience providing services and support to minority and disenfranchised communities a plus
● Experience working with ESOLs and preliterate/limited literacy people a plus
● Maay Maay language skills a plus 


This is a full-time, hourly position expected to work 40 hours/week starting at $18/hr. Health benefit stipend and generous holiday, sick, and paid time off included. 

How to Apply

Email a resume and cover letter detailing your relevant experience and qualifications to