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Liberation Farms

Finding Our Own Land

Our land search has taken form this season and we are now working to secure long-term access to farmland and ensure the sustainability of our Liberation Farm program. We are so grateful to our partners: Agrarian Trust, American Farmland Trust, Cooperative Development Institute, Land For Good, Land in Common Community Land Trust, and Maine Farmland Trust, for helping us towards this goal and providing invaluable support and expertise.

We are energized by the opportunity to secure land that complements our vision. This effort is essential for the sustainability of our farming program and our commitment to food justice and a united community.

As we move through this process, however, we could also use your help! If you feel inspired to contribute to this project, please consider donating below to support our search for long-term access to farmland in Maine. Your contribution will provide our farmers with a permanent space to work towards food security and gather for family and cultural events. Thank you for your commitment to food justice and our shared community.

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