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The Somali Bantu Community Organization Media Guide

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Use this form to request interviews, podcasts, writing, and other media inquiries for the Somali Bantu Community Association of Maine or Liberation Farms, our community farming program.

Media Guide

This is the SBCA’s Guide to Accurate Reporting on Social Justice Work.

We at SBCA are committed to reciprocal exchange of ideas across cultures. To this end, please approach our staff and participants with respect for their time, energy, and stories. A best practice for accurately reporting our story is to center the narrative on community-led change. Western culture is obsessed with the “hero narrative,” which falsely teaches that single figures are responsible for social justice work, such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr for the Civil Rights Movement. As
Soul Fire Farm says in their own media guide, “The truth is that movements are comprised of many organizations and individuals taking risks, demonstrating leadership, and contributing ideas and work. The media has a role in telling this truth.”  

Ally Organizations’ Guide

This is our Guide for BIPOC Organizations Allied with SBCA, a part of the SBCA’s Guide To Accurate Reporting on Social Justice Work. 

As part of the storytelling process, we encourage the media to uplift the contributions of several organizations. For their convenience, the following is an incomplete list of BIPOC-led organizations that SBCA sees as allies, partners, or teachers in our own work.

A Somali Bantu farmer in the field holding a bunch of chard

Photos on this page courtesy of Kelsey Kobik. 

Partnership Practices for Using and Sharing our Content

This is our guide to partners, funders, and supporters for using and sharing images, audio, and video content (photos, video clips, sound clips, etc.) that depict members of the SBCA staff, Board of Directors, Farm Advisory Committee, Liberation Farms program, or the wider community who receives services.